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Rio Ferdinand Talking with Fans

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I’d like to know how you managed to succeed in becoming a professional footballer and what inspired you to play football. (Zach, Malta)
My inspiration to play football was probably Diego Maradona. He’s the first memory I have of someone doing something really great. I remember in the 1986 World Cup he took on the whole England team and scored. Obviously I wasn’t happy that he scored against England but you had to admire the skill and say, ‘I’d love to be able to do that one day’. I tried my hardest but never really reached that level and obviously I’m a defender now. I think you just have to work hard and always be confident, strive towards your dreams.

If you hadn’t made it as a professional footballer, what type of job do you think you’d be doing now? (Stephen, Sale)
I’d probably be working in the communities in Peckham, where I grew up. I think I’d be helping out in the youth centres or doing football coaching with kids.


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