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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Return To Full Match

Monday, October 20, 2008

soccer.Sir Alex Ferguson will not rush Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to full match sharpness, so much so that he is considering whether to leave the Portuguese winger on the bench against Celtic on Tuesday.

The Reds boss paid tribute to Ronaldo’s personal characteristics and his athletic attributes, saying that he is capable of raising his game on demand. But his ability to recover from a Saturday game for a Tuesday Champions League tie are perhaps not yet at their usual superhuman levels – the after effects of a summer without training due to an ankle surgery.

“He’s coming along terrifically well,” said the United manager. “It’s almost there. With 20 minutes to go on Saturday when Gary Neville went on, I said to Gary, ‘ask Ronaldo how he is’. I thought he was showing signs of tiring. Ben Hibbs.


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