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Dimitar Berbatov Wish Fans Must Be Patient

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It seems that some Reds are writing off Dimitar Berbatov already, despite the fact he's still trying to achieve full match fitness, having joined a new club playing a new style, while coping with the off-field upheaval of living in a hotel, plus the new experience of shouldering the weight of expectancy that comes with playing for the world's biggest club!

The criticism is quite ludicrous. Presumably these are the same Reds that didn’t have a good word to say about the best left-back in the world Patrice Evra during his first season. And those who also initially saw in Nemanja Vidic a slow and cumbersome centre-half rather than one of Europe’s finest defenders. All that Evra and Vida needed was time to adjust to their new surroundings, and the same is true of Berbatov.

From listening to some recent callers on MUTV and reading posts on Talking Reds, it would seem that some fans have already formed their opinion on the Bulgarian. Alan Hansen certainly hasn’t helped - his comments on BBC's Match of the Day 2 merely perpetuate the myth that Berbatov has been a flop so far. A quite ridiculous assertion given he's been here less than a month.


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